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Auerswald COMfortel 2500 – system telephone black
Auerswald COMfortel 2500 – system telephone black

Auerswald COMfortel 2500 – system telephone black

Connectable with Auerswald telephone systems
Art.No.: 150290

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  • Automatic identification of type of connection (S0 or UP0)
  • Energy saving function – up to 50 % energy saving
  • Power via connection with system
  • Large graphic with automatic switch of on/off screen illumination
  • Keypad with high-contrast caption and sensible pressure point
  • Ergonomic receiver
  • connection with DHSG support of cordless headsets, also suitable for COMfortel
  • USB-port for direct programming of the telephone functions and for UMS-/CTI-applications
  • SD-slot for voicemail function
  • Adjustable menu language
  • Extensions of keypad “COMfortel Xtension30” can be connected*. The COMfortel 2500 is designed for the following Auerswald telephone systems:
  • COMpact 2204 USB, COMpact 2206 USB, COMpact 4410 USB, COMpact 4406 DSL
  • COMpact 5010 , COMpact 5020
  • COMmander Basic, COMmander Basic 19"
  • COMmander Basic.2, COMmander Basic.2 19" 
  • COMmander Business, COMmander Business 19" 

The features of COMfortel 2500: available connections:

  • 1 So- and UP0 port to the telephone system (registered jack)
  • Automatic recognition of the type of connection
  • Electricity supply via system port (S0/ UP0)
  • 1 module port for max. 3 additional modules COMfortel Xtension30
  • connection with DHSG support, also suitable for COMfortel
  • 1 slot for SD memory card
  • 1 USB port for integrated PC-adapter and for programming
  • 1 connection for optional power supply, only necessary with COMfortel Xtension30

Supported -performance characteristics:

  • All -performance characteristics of the telephone system

  • Graphic with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Automatic background light (white) with adjustable brightness and connection time
  • Symbol or text for of settings
  • Time, date and week displayed, also during conversation
  • Charges and units displayed
  • Status information, e.g. mute function, call diversion, speakerphone
  • Complete line of communications2
  • Softkey functions (depending on situation) displayed
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Greek


  • TAPI 2.1 for CTI (telephone)
  • CAPI 2.0 for UMS – fax (e.g. with COMsuite) – answering machine (e.g. with COMsuite) – hardware configuration
  • NDIS-WAN driver for internet access (channel bundling with up to 128 Kbit/s)

Telephone book and callers list:

  • Access to central telephone book800 entries in the telephone, max. 4 numbers per name
  • Search for names in central telephone book of the telephone system and of the telephone
  • 210 speed dial numbers programmable1
  • Caller identification (CLIP/CNIP) from the local and central telephone book of the system
  • Callers list of the last 30 missed calls with number, name, own number, date and time
  • Central callers list for groups2
  • List of conversations of the last 30 calls with number, name, own number, date and time
  • Redialling of the last 30 numbersTransfer from callers list, conversation list and redialling list into local telephone book
  • Power Dialling, automatic redialling
  • Comfortable editing of telephone book with software COMfortel Set (local) and COMtools (central)

Security functions:

  • Telephone lock, emergency calls still possible
  • Administration lock with password
  • Block of single functions possible

Management of charges:

  • Charging of the last call/all calls
  • Tarif units adjustable

System- and comfort-features:

  • Energy-saving function activated automatically because of time, keypress or depending on configuration
  • Direct dial key and busy lamp field1
  • Hold function1 with the telephone systems COMpact 4406 DSL / 4410 USB / 5020 VoIP and COMmander Basic / Basic.2 / Business
  • Line keys with of state of  participants1
  • Targeted allocation of MSNs/DDIs
  • Door- and switch-function of the telephone system on the or on the control keys1
  • Provider displayed (with Soft-LCR easy and Soft-LCR 4 in the telephone system)2
  • Control keys for administrating the functions of the system1
  • Group and team function, login-key for group and team membership1
  • Macro function, complex functions with one keypress
  • Call-diversion directly via direct dial keys1
  • 8 softkeys for special functions of the telephone, depending on situation
  • Call safety (telephone muted)
  • Call diversion without answering it before (Call Deflection)2
  • Choice of ringtone during call
  • Dialling preparation/correction
  • 16 ringtones, individual melodies via PC-software
  • Extended differentiation of call, e.g. own numbers or group
  • Automatic speakerphone with an extension telephone programmable (InterCom)
  • Announcement to the system telephones (InterCom)
  • Speakerphone function
  • Adjustable volume of ringtones, receiver and speakerphone
  • Microphone mute

Voicemail function:4

  • Compatible with SD-cards with up to 2 gigabyteHandling via control keys of the telephone
  • Recording and memo function
  • Answering of call and announcement depending on caller, time and type of call (anonymous/group/extern/intern/door)Message diversion
  • Remote query with recognition of number
  • Free 30-day-trial

Installation and maintenance:

  • Automatic recognition of S0/ UP0 port
  • Comfortable configuration with the software COMfortel
  • Adjustable extent of menu
  • Configuration via USB port of the telephone– V.24-, USB-, Ethernet2 - or intern S0-port3 of the telephone system (Mac OS X via V.24 with USB/V.24-Adapter or Ethernet2; Linux via V.24, USB or Ethernet2)
  • Remote reading and query
  • Manual or time-controlled software update via , with copy function on further COMfortel 2500/2500 AB
1 Busy lamp, hold, line, direct dial and function control keys are features of the programmable control keys. The COMfortel 2500 has 15 keys with 2 possible features for each key (2 levels) and can be broadened with 3 keypad extensions COMfortel Xtension30 to 105 control keys. There are 30 keys with 2 levels provided for each module. 2 With COMpact 5010 /5020 and COMmander Basic. 2/Business 3 -PC-card and CAPI from version 2.0 on necessary. 4 Has to be enabled with costs in the Auerswald Upgrade-centre (  

Please note:

  • The above described range of functions can probably only be used in it entirety after a professional installation and establishment of the complete telephone system and the possibly connected PC. We recommend further information from a stockist.An activation of some features from the provider of the network is necessary in order to use certain functions.
  • The use of the telephone with other than the listed telephone systems or in public telephone networks is not provided.
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