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Auerswald COMpact 5020 VOIP ISDN-TK-system
Auerswald COMpact 5020 VOIP ISDN-TK-system

Auerswald COMpact 5020 VOIP ISDN-TK-system

Extensible ISDN system with up to 26 participants
Art.No.: 170510

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  • 2 -channels in basic set-up, extensible up to 4 channels
  • 1 -port switchable extern (S0) – intern (S0/UP0)
  • 10 trunk conversations simultaneously possible /6x - and analogue trunk, 4x )
  • 1 inter -port, adjustable as S0- or UP0 port
  • 10 analogue extension telephones  with display of number and name (CLIP/CNIP)
  • Hold-field for 10 simultaneous calls (, analogue, )
  • USP-host for connection of a USB-charge-printer
  • Free intern plan of calls
  • Door and switch function upgradable
  • Hold music (6 minutes) with additional announcement (1 minute), as WAV-data, can be loaded from PC
  • Hotel function with check-in/check out
  • Boss-secretary-function with flexible boss-secretary-allocation
  • Open request
  • Private trunk access with personal password, use of all extensions possible
  • Calls in the network supported by Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS (Third-Party CTI, LAN-TAPI)

Possible connections:

  • 1 -port, switchable extern (S0) – intern ((S0/UP0)
  • 1 -port, firm intern ((S0/UP0)
  • 10 analogue extensions (symmetrical)
  • Extensible with 4 modules. The system has a basic set-up of 4 free module-port, that can be used with: 1 x COMpact 2VoIP-module 3 x COMpact 2ISDN/POTS/2POTS/TSM-module
  • Max. 4 -channels extern
  • Max. 6 analogue trunk ports (POTS)
  • Max. 3 -ports extern
  • 10 trunk calls simultaneously possible (6x/POTS plus 4x)
  • Max. 8 -ports intern (S0 or UP0)
  • 26 ports for participants
  • System callings for max. 16 corded COMfort-/COMfortel-system telephones
  • Cordless system telephoning for max. 12 COMfortel DECT-handsets
  • Max. 3 doorphones with bell-accesses and switch-relays for door- or universal switch-functions (with COMpact TSM-modules)
  • 1 audio-input for extern hold music, via optional COMpact TSM module, cinch-socket, input-sensibility adjustable
  • Max. 3 audio-outputs for announcements via optional COMpact TSM module, cinch-socket
  • 1 Ethernet-port 10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s)
  • 1 USB-host-port for connection of USB-charge-printer or future extensions

(Internet telephoning):

  • Calling via the internet – 2 conversation simultaneously (basic set-up) – 4 conversation simultaneously (with COMpact 2 module)20 SIP accounts simultaneously
  • SIP-conform according to RFC 3261
  • -Codecs: – G.711 µ-Law/a-Law (basic set-up) – G.711 µ-Law/a-Law, G.723.1, G.726,    G.729A/E, iLBC (with COMpact 2VoIP-module)
  • High sound quality via Echo compensation and Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
  • Full system integration (e.g. automatic routing, call diversion etc.)

-performance characteristics:

  • Call waiting
  • Caller identification (CLIP/CNIP) 2, analogue extensions: date, time, caller name (CLIP) from system telephone book
  • Transmission of information on customer’s number with outgoing telephone connection (CLIP no screening)
  • Number of diverter displayed (RgN)
  • Stay incognito (CLIR)
  • Called number displayed (COLP)
  • Called number not displayed (COLR)
  • Information on charges at the end (AOCE) or during (AOCD) the conversation
  • Call diversion when busy (CFB), not answering (CFNR), always (CFU)
  • Call diversion of direct dial number (CD(PR))
  • Automatic return call when busy (CCBS) and when not answering (CCNR)
  • X.31 at intern S0-port (X.25 in D-channel)5

Central telephone-book / speed dial storage:

  • 400 numbers, can individually activated for call-through-functions
  • 10 emergency numbers with privileges
  • Number-to-name function (name displayed with number)2
  • Speed dial for extension of trunk authorities
  • Central telephone-book can be administrated via the web
  • CSV-import of already existing telephone books

Management of conversation data:

  • Conversation data with max. 6.000 data records5 (2.000 enclosed)
  • Separation of private and business calls
  • Projecting5 of calls (2- to 6-digit project-numbers)
  • Charges statement1
  • Charges account per extension1
  • Charges impulse for analogue extensions1
  • Administration of conversation data via the web
  • Convenient filtering and CSV-export functions

Security functions:

  • Alert functions (with COMpact TSM-module)
  • 6 types of trunk authorities
  • Adjustable levels of authority with password protections
  • Private trunk access with personal password, can be used from all extensions
  • Baby/seniors call
  • Urgent call
  • 10 blocking and 10 free mechanisms incoming and outgoing, out of a pool of max. 100 calls
  • 10 emergency storages with privileges
  • Area monitoring

Switch-function (with COMpact TSM-modules):

  • Speakerphone for max. 3 doorphones (according to FTZ 123 D12-0) without loss of extension, e.g. with TFS-dialogue 100Max. 3 door openers via telephone
  • Max. 6 doorbell accesses, 3 of them configurable as alert accesses
  • Max. 9 switch relays, configurable for speakerphone, door-opening or universal functions (for each station 1-2 relays needed)
  • Music function, e.g. mp3-player
  • Universal, e.g. relay on during the day
  • Remote switch from intern/trunk

Further features of extensions

  • Busy-on-busy for intern and extern call
  • Free intern plan of numbers for participants, speed dials, doors, audio-outputs and emergency calls
  • Hold field for max. 10 trunk calls3
  • Automatic central5
  • Open requests
  • Hotel functions3,5
  • LAN-TAPI (4 clients enclosed)5
  • Group function with intelligent types of calls (all, linear or constructive)
  • Group callers lists with COMfortel 1500/2500/2500 AB
  • Aimed transfer of numbers
  • Caller identification 2 (CLIP/CNIP) from central telephone book/speed dial storage
  • Online search for names (backward search)
  • Support of T-net sets at analogue extensions
  • Ringing rhythm different for intern, trunk-, door-calls
  • Switchable ringtone
  • Call protection intern/trunk
  • Data transfer up to 56 Kbps (v.90) at analogue extension
  • Reservation of trunk
  • Direct trunk set, further intern function and LCR possible
  • Call pickup (e.g. from answering machine)
  • Hold intern/trunk
  • Three-way call intern/trunk
  • Call diversion, hold, conference via 2. b-channel, switchable from extern
    Call diversion, follow me intern
  • Parallel call, call simultaneously to intern participants
  • Further diversion to extern
  • Boss-secretary function 3
  • Automatic return call when busy or not answering
  • Pharmacy function
  • Max. 8 system profiles (configurations) via intern clock, telephone intern/extern
  • Alarm clock, 3 announcements configurable
  • Table of holiday for switch of mode
  • Hold music with additional announcement – as WAV-data from PC: 1 melody (6 minutes) 1 announcement (1 minute) – extern via audio-output of COMpact TSM module e.g. with mp3-player
  • Text immediately or when busy, up to 10 texts storable
  • Call-through function via COMpact TSM-module
  • Least Cost Routing with call-by-call in local network – Soft-LCR easy with charges data update via aperture priority – Soft-LCR 4 with manual option of entering of charges data

Additional options

  • Additional intern numbers (max. 64), 32 enclosed
  • Soft-LCR (numbers for participants in steps of 8, max. 64) 8 enclosed
  • Call-through-connections (all circuits), 1 enclosed
  • Automatic centre
  • Set of call date (in steps of 2000, max. 6000), 2000 enclosed
  • Projecting of conversations
  • LAN-TAPI (numbers for participants in steps of 8, max. 20), 4 enclosed
  • X.31 at intern S0-port (X.25 in D-channel)
  • Hotel function (all participants)

Installation and maintenance

  • Plug & Phone, easy installation, plug-in casing
  • Assistant for configuration for easy administration of basic functions
  • Automatic recognition of dialling process and learning function for recognition of Flash-time at the analogue extensions
  • System software-update manually via PC-upload (local or remote) or timed via automatic update
  • Administration of the system via the web (webserver integrated into system)
  • System access via Ethernet and intern S0-port
  • Profiles for fast establishment of participants and groups
  • Remote reading, remote programming via the internet and possible (password protected)
1 Charges information at the end (AOCE) or during (AOCD) the connection necessary. 2 With COMfort-/COMfortel-system telephones and sets that support caller identification (CLIP/CNIP). 3 With corded COMfort/COMfortel system telephones. 4 -PC-card and CAPI from Version 2.0 on necessary. 5 Can be installed from the Auerswald Update-centre subject to a charge. 

Please note:

  • The described range of functions can probably only be used at full volume with professional installation and establishment of a telephone system with a possibly connected PC. We recommend consulting a specialist retailer in advance.
  • It is necessary for some functions to enable certain features from the network provider
  • A combination with terminals of other manufacturers incompatibilities could come up that influence the use of several performance characteristics.
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