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We have measured!


We measure ourselves!Messkopf zur Ermittlung des SAR-Wertes

As many manufacturers don’t give detailed information, it is nearly impossible to compare the radiation of cordless DECT-telephones. Therefore, we measure the radiation of all our offered cordless telephones in our measurement laboratory with a special instrument.
In order to give you a unique possibility of comparison, we divide our devices into four categories. Thus, you can find your suitable telephone. Compare yourself – the legal SAR-limit is 2000mW/kg!
SAR: 0-30 mW/kgSAR-Wert 31-80 mW/kgSA 81-130 mW/kgSAR: 131-200 mW/kg
The currently best reduction of radiation when telephoning!
All telephones in this category have the lowest radiation an offer the currently best reduction during a telephone call (legal limit: 2000 mW/kg)
Very good reduction of radiation when telephoning.
Telephones in category 2 are in a SAR-range of 31-80 mW/kg (legal limit: 2000 mW/kg)
Good reduction of radiation when telephoning
The measured values of category 3 are in the range of 81–130 mW/kg (legal limit: 2000 mW/kg). They offer a good reduction of radiation when telephoning.
Still satisfying reduction of radiation
Telephones in category 4 offer a still big reduction of radiation in comparison to telephones that have no technique for low radiation at all.
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