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Analogue or ISDN?

Analogue telephone connection (TAE)


Analoger Telefonanschluss
Connection to a TAE telephone socket:

If your landline has a TAE telephone socket, it is an analogue connection with which customary terminal devices (e.g. telephones, modems, faxes) can be used.
Analogue terminal devices have a TAE-plug (left picture) for the connection to a telephone network, e.g. T-Net.

Connection to an ISDN-telephone system:
Furthermore, analogue telephones can be connected to ISDN-telephone systems. In this case, an ISDN-system (e.g. Eumex) is necessary supporting the needed TAE-socket at the ISDN-connection.

Connection to a VoIP/Internet router
Many DSL providers offer VoIP (internet telephoning). Analogue telephones can also be connected and used to a router, in most cases with an adapter enclosed.

Examples for an analogue connection:
Analoges Telefon an analoger AnschlussbuchseAnaloges Telefon an ISDN-Telefonanlage mit analoger BuchseAnaloges Telefon an AVM Fritzbox
Analogue telephone at analogue socketAnalogue telephone at telephone systemAnalogue telephone at VoIP router

ISDN telephone connectionISDN-Anschlussdose


 An ISDN connection is not used that frequently in private households, bus especially in companies and offices. ISDN is here very popular because of a bigger variety of functions (conference, MSN, etc.).
ISDN telephones are either directly connected to the NTBA (left picture)  or can be used via an ISDN-telephone system. You can also often find special ISDN connection sockets, e.g. in offices.

ISDN terminal devices have a RJ45 plug (left picture) for the connection to a telephone network.

Please note! ISDN telephones cannot be used with analogue telephone connections. Please mind the information on analogue connections here.
Furthermore, ISDN telephones can be connected to several VoIP routers (e.g. Fritzbox). Please inform yourself at your VoIP/internet provider.

Examples for an ISDN-connection:
ISDN-Telephone at ISDN-socket
ISDN-Telephone at NTBA of the TelekomISDN-Telephone at VoIP router
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