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Swissvoice Eurit 748 FULLECO MODE
Swissvoice Eurit 748 FULLECO MODE
Perfekt: Sofort strahlungsfrei nach Telefonatsende! Mehr Info ...


Swissvoice Eurit 748 FULLECO MODE

Low radiation ISDN cordless telephone
Art.No.: 180020

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Data sheet

The Swissphone Eurit 748 is a DECT-telephone with an outstanding sound quality during calls and in speakerphone mode.

Equipped with Swissvoice . This guarantees a totally radiation-free base station even if the handset is outside of it and not in use.

Basic functions:

  • Swissvoice
  • Illuminated graphic colour screen (67x98 pixel, 65k colours)
  • Menus with symbols, navigation key that can be moved in four directions
  • Illuminated keypad, keylock
  • New calls, messages and are visually indicated
  • State of charge, time and date, talk time and costs* are displayed

Convenient functions:

  • Five individual -users (MSN)Stored numbers can be called with one keypress
  • Stored numbers are called when passing a certain acoustic level (area monitoring)
  • Speakerphone function with handset
  • function
  • Automatic update of date/time, alarm/memo
  • 5 monophonic and 10 polyphonic ringtones
  • Caller identification (CLIP)
  • New messages are indicated on network answering machine (MWI)
  • New calls are indicated during an active call (CW)
  • Return call when busy (CCBS)

Organization of telephone numbers:

  • Redialling of the last 15 numbers
  • Telephone book for 200 numbers and names. Melody, background image and provider can be fixed individually
  • Callers list for 30 calls
  • Automatic dial of a busy number
  • Dialling preparation with possibility of correction


  • Long- with up to 612 characters
  • One collective storage
  • Incoming and outgoing messages, prototypes

Contact termination:

  • Connection -telephone net
  • DTMF process

Multi-handset functions:

  • Call can be transferred to different handset, three-way call
  • Copy whole telephone book or single entries

Technical data:

  • Extensible up to 6 handsets, compatible
  • Standby up to 120 hours, talk time up to 12 hours
  • Batteries: NIMH, with permanent control of state of charge
  • Range: indoors up to 50 metres, outdoors up to 300 metres


  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Optional accessory:

  • Additional handsets

* if offered by provide

Dynamische Reduzierung der Strahlung im Handgerät NEIN
Wenn Hörer in Basisstation ... STRAHLUNGSFREI
Mit Anrufbeantworter NEIN
Anschlussart ISDN
Beleuchtete Tastatur JA
Tastatursperre JA
Klingelton Stummschaltung JA
Display Farbdisplay
Tastenton JA
Rufnummernanzeige (CLIP) JA
Anruferliste 30
Freisprechfunktion JA
Telefonbuchspeicher 200
Polyphone Klingeltöne JA
Babyruf-Funktion JA
Anschlussmöglichkeit für Headset NEIN
Klingeltonlautstärke einstellbar JA
Hörerlautstärke einstellbar JA
Wandmontage NEIN
Kurzwahlspeicher -
Bereitschaft (Standby) 120 Std.
Sprechzeit 12 Std.
max. Anzahl Mobilteile (optional) 6
Call-by-Call Anbieter speicherbar JA
SMS-Funktion JA
Anrufsignalisierung an Basis JA
Mikrofon Stummschaltung JA
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Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Perfekt: Sofort strahlungsfrei nach Telefonatsende! Mehr Info ...


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