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Swissvoice Eurit 758 DUO FULLECO MODE
Swissvoice Eurit 758 DUO FULLECO MODE
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Swissvoice Eurit 758 DUO FULLECO MODE

Low radiation ISDN cordless telephone with answering machine and two handsets
Art.No.: 180040

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Data sheet

The Swissphone Eurit 758 DUO with answering machine and two handsets is a DECT-telephone with an outstanding sound quality during calls and in speakerphone mode.

Equipped with Swissvoice . This guarantees a totally radiation-free base station even if the handset is outside of it and not in use.

Basic functions:

  • Swissvoice
  • Illuminated graphic colour screen (67x98 pixel, 65k colours)
  • Menus with symbols, navigation key that can be moved in four directions
  • Illuminated keypad, keylock
  • New calls, messages and are visually indicated
  • State of charge, time and date, talk time and costs* are displayed

Convenient functions:

  • Five individual -users (MSN)Stored numbers can be called with one keypress
  • Stored numbers are called when passing a certain acoustic level (area monitoring)
  • Speakerphone function with handset
  • function
  • Automatic update of date/time, alarm/memo
  • 5 monophonic and 10 polyphonic ringtones
  • Caller identification (CLIP)
  • New messages are indicated on network answering machine (MWI)
  • New calls are indicated during an active call (CW)
  • Return call when busy (CCBS)

Organization of telephone numbers:

  • Redialling of the last 15 numbers
  • Telephone book for 200 numbers and names. Melody, background image and provider can be fixed individually
  • Callers list for 30 calls
  • Automatic dial of a busy number
  • Dialling preparation with possibility of correction


  • Long- with up to 612 characters
  • One collective storage
  • Incoming and outgoing messages, prototypes

Contact termination:

  • Connection -telephone net
  • DTMF process

Multi-handset functions:

  • Call can be transferred to different handset, three-way call
  • Copy whole telephone book or single entries

Integrated answering machine:

  • 20 minutes recording time, digital
  • Standard or personal announcement
  • Remote query/control (PIN), 4 supported languages
  • Visualization and handling via base station and handset
  • Query of new messages via base station and handset or via remote query
  • Monitoring on base station and handset
  • New indicated*

Technical data:

  • Extensible up to 6 handsets, compatible
  • Standby up to 120 hours, talk time up to 12 hours
  • Batteries: NIMH, with permanent control of state of charge
  • Range: indoors up to 50 metres, outdoors up to 300 metres


  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Optional accessory:

  • Additional handsets

* if offered by provide

Dynamische Reduzierung der Strahlung im Handgerät JA
Wenn Hörer in Basisstation ... STRAHLUNGSFREI
Mit Anrufbeantworter JA
Aufzeichungsdauer 20 Min.
Fernabfrage JA
Memo/Notiz-Funktion JA
Anzahl der Ansagen 3
Anschlussart ISDN
Beleuchtete Tastatur JA
Tastatursperre JA
Klingelton Stummschaltung JA
Display Farbdisplay
Tastenton JA
Rufnummernanzeige (CLIP) JA
Anruferliste 30
Freisprechfunktion JA
Telefonbuchspeicher 200
Polyphone Klingeltöne JA
Babyruf-Funktion JA
Anschlussmöglichkeit für Headset NEIN
Klingeltonlautstärke einstellbar JA
Hörerlautstärke einstellbar JA
Wandmontage NEIN
Kurzwahlspeicher -
Bereitschaft (Standby) 120 Std.
Sprechzeit 12 Std.
max. Anzahl Mobilteile (optional) 6
Call-by-Call Anbieter speicherbar JA
SMS-Funktion JA
Anrufsignalisierung an Basis JA
Mikrofon Stummschaltung JA
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Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Swissvoice Erweiterungshörer für Eurit 748-758 + Avena 748-758
Perfekt: Sofort strahlungsfrei nach Telefonatsende! Mehr Info ...


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