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Swissvoice Avena 377 ECO MODE
Swissvoice Avena 377 ECO MODE
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Swissvoice Avena 377 ECO MODE

Low radiation DECT-telephone with answering machine
Art.No.: 110310

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Data sheet


Low radiation DECT-telephone without permanent transmission. Radiation is switched off automatically when handset is put back into base station (when only one handset is in use)

  • ECO-mode/low radiation DECT-telephone
  • No radiation on standby (handset in base station)
  • Easy handling
  • Own images and melodies
  • Caller identification* and *
  • Colour screen with 10 lines (65.000 colours)
  • Telephone book with 200 entries
  • Speakerphone function
  • connection via 2,5 mm socket

Answering machine:

  • service for new messages
  • 20 minutes recording time
  • Number of new messages displayed
  • Handling via base station and handset
  • Remote query with
  • Individually adjustable length of messages
  • Listen in on to new messages
  • Recording telephone conversation possible

Basic functions:

  • Name and number displayed*
  • Colour screen with 10 lines and 65536 colours
  • Adjustable contrast
  • function
  • Ringtone/microphone mute

Convenient functions:

  • Automatic redialling
  • Illuminated keypad and backlight
  • Keylock
  • Navigation bar
  • Speakerphone function
  • Baby mode (area monitoring)
  • Direct call (baby mode)
  • Alarm clock/memory
  • Assistant for installation
  • Belt-clip
  • Adjustable volume

Multimedia functions:

  • Two games
  • up to 612 characters* (with 40 model messages stored)
  • 10 background images/screensavers
  • 4 mailboxes with
  • 10 polyphonic ringtones
  • 10 background images/screensavers
  • Sound recorder
  • USB-connection with PC for transferring own pictures/melodies

Organization of telephone numbers:

  • Telephone book with 200 entries
  • Callers list for 30 entries*
  • Transfer of telephone book between handsets
  • Images and melodies can be matched with contacts
  • Redialling of the last 20 numbers

Additional telephone features:

  • Call diversion when busy*
  • Network answering machine
  • Mediation
  • Conference calls with conference assistant
  • New calls and optically displayed*
  • Telephone calls recordable
  • Hold music

Cost management:

  • of call-charge
  • of talk time
  • 5 stored provider numbers
  • Provider can be matched with contact

Technical data:

  • Extensible up to 6 handsets (radiation when handset is on base station)
  • Registered to up to 4 base stations
  • Range outdoors up to 300 metres
  • Range indoors up to 50 metres
  • Standby time up to 120 hours
  • Talk time up to 12 hours
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Available accessory:

  • Additional handset with power supply
  • for speakerphone
  • USB-cable inclusive PC-CD Rom for transfer of images and sounds
  • Repeater for wider range

* if offered by provider

Dynamic reduction of radiation in handset:
Handset in base station …
Answering machine
With answering machine
Recording period
Remote control
Memo/note function
Basic functions
Contact termination
Illuminated keypad
Ringtone mute
Functions for convenient use
Key tone
Caller identification (CLIP)
List of received calls
Speakerphone function
Telephone book memory
Polyphone ringtones
Baby mode
Use of headset possible
Ringer volume adjustable
Adjustable speaker/receiver volume
Wall fixing
Speed dialling memory
Speaking time
Maximum number of handsets
Call-by-call provider storable
SMS function
Call sign at base station
Microphone mute
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