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Siemens Gigaset E495 ECO DECT with answering machine
Siemens Gigaset E495 ECO DECT with answering machine
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Siemens Gigaset E495 ECO DECT with answering machine

Solid, low radiation DECT-telephone with answering machine
Art.No.: 119115

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Data sheet

Solid, low radiation DECT-telephone without permanent radiation

The Gigaset E490 has a shock-resistant case that is protected against dust and splashing water. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for do-it-yourselfers, families with children or commercial use. Further highlights are the long standby time of about 250 hours, a clear handling and the vibrating alert.

Performance characteristics:

  • Baby function/area monitoring
  • Base station and telephone charger can be fixed on the wall
  • Illuminated and keypad
  • Caller identification (CLIP)
  • of date, time and talk time
  • List of missed calls: 30
  • Redialling: 20 numbersStandby: 250 hours, talk time: 12 hours
  • Comfortable speakerphone function
  • Telephone book: 150 entries
  • 15 melodies
  • (depending on country, network and provider)
  • Shock-resistant, protected against dust and splashing water
  • Vibrating alert
  • connection

Expansible to up to 6 handsets:

  • Additional handset Siemens Gigaset E49H
  • Telephone book transfer between handsets
  • Non-chargeable calls between handsets

Content of packing:

  • base station
  • 1x handset Gigaset E49H
  • phone line cord for TAE-telephone socket
  • 2x standard battery of the size Micro (AAA) NiMH
  • belt-clip
  • user manual

Answering machine:

  • Handling via handset
  • New recorded messages displayed on handset
  • Call and hint function
  • Recording time: up to 45 minutes
  • Query of new messages with date and time displayed
  • Remote query/control
  • Unlimited protection of recordings in the case of a power failure

* länder-, netz- und providerabhängig

Hinweis zum ECO-Modus

Bei Bedarf können Sie die Sendeleistung nochmals reduzieren (ECO-Modus an). Dabei verringert sich jedoch die Reichweite zu Basisstation. Telefonate sind dann nur noch im eingeschränkten Umkreis möglich

Dynamic reduction of radiation in handset:
Handset in base station …
Answering machine
With answering machine
Recording period
Remote control
Memo/note function
Basic functions
Contact termination
Illuminated keypad
Ringtone mute
Functions for convenient use
Key tone
Caller identification (CLIP)
List of received calls
Speakerphone function
Telephone book memory
Polyphone ringtones
Baby mode
Use of headset possible
Ringer volume adjustable
Adjustable speaker/receiver volume
Wall fixing
Speed dialling memory
Speaking time
Maximum number of handsets
Call-by-call provider storable
SMS function
Call sign at base station
Microphone mute
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